Bo Ningen join Station To Station at The Barbican

Bo Ningen are joining an amazing list of artists taking part in Doug Aitken’s Station To Station at The Barbican this July for a four day residency in gallery where the public can listen and watch.

They’ll be  working with the Moog SoundLab UK  culminating in a recording session on Friday 24 July.

Celebrating the start of their residency they’ll perform in the Art Gallery accompanied by artists Fritz Stolberg and Nissa Nishikawa who will be screening a selection of rushes from their forthcoming 16mm film From This World To That Which Is To Come commissioned by the Jersey Arts Trust

The interval will feature projected sound reactive live visuals from artist Noriko Okaku, accompanied by percussion by Bo Ningen drummer Monchan Monna.

Performance – 20th July from 7:30pm TICKETS

Music studio session – 20th July (open to public 12 – 6pm)

Music studio session – 21st July (open to public 12 – 6pm)

Music studio session – 22nd July (open to public 12 – 6pm)

Recording Studio – 24th July (open to public 12 – 6pm)