Stolen at the independent label market


Come down to Spitalfields and say hello at tomorrow’s Independent Label Market, below is a list of rarities and deals we’ll have on offer:

-Hand silk screened Bo Ningen ‘Line The Wall’ poster
(for sale or free with ‘Line The Wall’ CD)
-Hand Painted Bo Ningen posters, pen and ink by Monchan
-‘Bo By Bo’ Bo Ningen Remix CD (normally only available on tour)
-CD bundle deals of various sorts
-Pete And The Pirates ‘Come On Feet’ 7″ (signed)
-Pete And The Pirates ‘Knots’ 7″ (signed)
-Pete And The Pirates ‘One thousand Pictures’ 12″ (signed)
-Pete And The Pirates ‘Little Death’ 12″ (signed)
-Various Pete And The Pirates 7″ test pressings (signed)
-Tap Tap ‘Lanzafame’ 12″ (signed U.S import)
-JEFF The Brotherhood ‘We Are The Champions’ CD (signed)
-Bo Ningen ‘Henkan’ 7″ (signed)
-My Sad Captains ‘Fight Less, Win More’
Hand silkscreened limited edition CD (signed)
-Let’s Wrestle ‘Let’s Wrestle’ signed 7″
-Let’s Wrestle ‘In The Court Of The Wrestling Lets’ 12″
-Various Japanese imports
-Free Stolen tote with all purchases over £20