Serafina Steer/ A Dead Forest Index/ Puma Rosa

Monday 20th April, 8pm

£5 entry:


shacklewell 20th april


New music from Serafina Steer performed by Steer, Jenny Moore and Sarah Anderson on these instruments – violin, keyboards, bass guitar and drums.

Sarah Anderson- violin and vocals
Jenny Moore -drums and vocals
Serafina Steer- bass and vocals


A Dead Forest Index are vocalist / guitarist Adam Sherry and drummer Sam Sherry from Auckland, New Zealand.

Basing themselves in London after EP releases ‘Antique’ and ‘Cast Of Lines’ and extensive touring from 2012-2014, A Dead Forest Index’s presence has been unmoored by place and undefinable in sound. With personal histories that branch through compositions informed by natural phenomena and the elemental outside.

Adam Sherry describes William Blake’s symbolism and Romani Lautari band Taraf De Haidouks as early influences. Forming in Melbourne, beginnings were drawn from a series of solo performances later joined by Sam Sherry creating a percussive depth as under layer to Adam’s vivid vocal approach of cyclic harmony and drone. In late 2014 begun a continual collaboration with the textural and sonically minded guitarist Gemma Thompson, highlighting a new colour field within A Dead Forest Index’s minimalism.

A Dead Fores


Puma Rosa are a fresh new band, at the heart of which are two lovers; Isabel Munoz-Newsome met Peaches Owen in the moist basement of an old run down pub in Homerton, the place was overrun with hippie kids, jazzers and scroungers. It was wonderful, but it was shut down and sold off. So the two fled further north, to the warehouses of Manor House and there they met the bassume guru Henry Brown and then the sax and electronics wunderkind Tomoya Suzuki. A darkness came upon the band in late May 2014, and lo, the figure of Nevil James loomed in the back row of a sweltering club, by the end of that night they had found their final member. The resulting band create a fearless, musically diverse sound, pivoting and cemented in powerfully structured songs, and Isabel’s hard hitting lyrics. The live show is where they truly ignite, the musical virtuosity of the band and Isabel’s dynamic delivery, bring the stage to life. Catch them if you can.