Tap Tap

‘….A minute into the opening song ‘100,000 thoughts’, and ive lost my heart -I can’t understand a single word, the singer is so rapturous, the harmonies so golden, but who cares? Let’s sing! Lyrics never translate into print. That’s why they’re lyrics. Second song ‘She Does’nt Belong’ tumbles and soars for the stars like a cross between th aformentioned Chills and my Nineties Irish crush The Frank and Walters, and yes…I’m sold.The way the vocals vibrate, mic overloaded. The way the drums come pounding through solid and friendly. The guitars that nestle snugly up to the other guitars. And of course, its all about the sound, not just the song – Phil Spector, Sonic Youth and The Ramones understood that, as did flying Nun, why don’t more artists?….’Everett True- PLAN B MAGAZINE