Friday Feb 5th, 6pm – 9..00pm

L-13 Light Industrial Workshop
31 Eyre Street Hill
Clerkenwell, EC1R 5EW
Stolen Recordings present a collection of art, objects, fragments and documents.

Paintings, photographs, drawings, flyers, posters, prints, fanzines, video, compact discs, vinyl, cassettes and t-shirts present themselves haphazardly in the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop.
Billy Childish
Steve Gullick
James Cauty
Harry Pye
Bron Jones (Eve Libertine/ Crass)
Chaos vs Cosmos
Connan Mockasin
Geraldine Swayne
Wolf Howard
Pete and the Pirates// Jonny Sanders
Screaming Tea Party// Koichi Yamanoha// Nell Eu
Let’s Wrestle// Wesley patrick Gonzalez
Wet Dog// Rivka Gilleron//Sarah Datblygu// Billy Easter
Bo Ningen// kohhei Matsuda//Yuki Tsujii
Feeding Time// Jake McGowan
Upset The Rhythm// Diego Mena
This Is Music
My Sad Captains// Nick Goss// Phil Goss
Dave Mitchell (Ghost Club/ The 3D’s)
J.P Buckle
Cat Stevens
Margarita Louca
Amelia Brække-Dyer
Rachael Robb
Laura Mardon
Leigh Curtis
Rebecca Miller
Deborah Rigby
Sophie Brown
Charlotte Procter
Milk//Andrew Collings
R.W.M. Hunt
Matthew Frame
Throwing Up In Comic Sans
Buttonhead// Ross Blake
Private Trousers
Hot Silk Pockets// David Fairservice
Harry Adams
Germs Of Youth
Lee Trimming